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Good, Fast and Cheap!

Pick Two You can either get product/catalog photography that’s Good and Fast, but it won’t be Cheap. Or Good and Cheap, but not Fast, Or how about Fast and Cheap. Guess what? it won’t be Good How many times have you heard that old business saying? Not just for photography but for any business? Quite […]

I'm so excited

The ship date for Adobe Photoshop CS5 is almost here (April 30th) and I can hardly wait. Normally I don’t get this pumped for a new release, but this gonna be HUGE! Most of the buzz has been built around the Auto Content Aware Fill but there is so much more. The new noise reduction […]

2009 Fur Ball

Just a sample of photos from the red carpet at this years PAWS Chicago Fur Ball PAWS Fur Ball 2009 – Images by Von Buzard

What kind of Photographer are You? Part 2

Previously I broke down all photographers into three categories. Professional, Amateur and Picture Takers. Now I would like to take it further. After deciding where you fall in the above three then we will take it down one are you a…? Commercial Photographer: Is your work used by businesses to sell or promote it‘s product […]

A Word About TFP

For those out there who have never heard the term TFP it stands for “Trade for Prints” (also sometimes called TFCD).  This is a term photographers have used with models and other talents (Stylists & Make-up Artist).  This is when a photographer wants to collaborate with another and that instead of payment printed photos or […]