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Product photo of the week: X-Ray Gogs

Old favorite product shot of mine. I love photographing toys Copyright Von R Buzard

Do you use photography?

Bravo to Smashing Magazine for their recent article How to Use Photos to Sell More Online If you are in business I HIGHLY recommend you take time and read this. Then take a look how you are using photography to sell your business. It might also help you if you were to print this out […]

Do you look at what you are doing?

This is too funny and way too common today I’m not going to name names but the other day I was working on photos for a brochure for a B2B distributor. I hadn’t seen the layout. All I was told was that that needed a photo of item X The item was a Large store […]

How Good is Your Advertising?

The other day I was sitting in front of the Television. Watching a show recorded on my DVR. Of course I was hitting the fast forward button thru all of the commercials. Then in the blur of ads I saw one with Lance Armstrong for Radio Shack. Well of course I hit the play button […]

Don't make me angry, You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Grover Sanschagrin over at Photoshelter has written a follow up to his blog post “Top 13 Ways to Piss Off a Photo Editor” with “Top 10 Ways to Piss Off a Photographer” I found it, in a way, kind of comforting to see that I wasn’t the only one who was bothered by some of […]

Photography doesn't cost, it pays

Seth Godin not too long ago posted an article in his blog “Consumer debt is not your friend“. It has been my experience that too many business owners look at a photographer’s rate as “another bill” and not as the investment. I’ve said it numerous times here before, good photography sells your product, it promotes […]

I’m Reading More

2009 was a year with a lot of news of companies cutting ad budgets, newspapers and magazines going out of business  I find this puzzling because from my personal viewpoint, I’m reading more now then I have in years…maybe more then I ever read. More news, more magazine articles, more, more, more.  Granted a lot […]

What kind of Photographer are You? Part 2

Previously I broke down all photographers into three categories. Professional, Amateur and Picture Takers. Now I would like to take it further. After deciding where you fall in the above three then we will take it down one are you a…? Commercial Photographer: Is your work used by businesses to sell or promote it‘s product […]