I Wub U !

Ah Grover, you’ve done it again. First Grover Sanschagrin at Photoshelter wrote “Top 13 Ways to Piss Off a Photo Editor” then posted “Top 10 Ways to Piss Off a Photographer“. Now he has posted “TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE A PHOTOGRAPHER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU“.

I’m only going to add a couple of points to this regarding myself

  1. Compliments are nice as long as they are honest. Trust me, I don’t need you blowing wind up my backside
  2. If you REALLY want me to LOVE you. Hire me to spend the month of July photographing the Tour De France or to be the official photographer for your Pro cycling team
  3. And I love constructive critique, even when it’s about this blog, so please feel free to leave comments below


The photo above is Erika Leigh Blackwell (Her acting Headshot)

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